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About Vèive Couture

Precious exoskeletons
to adorn corners of the body

Vèive Couture makes Italian design in Europe and the world.
It fuses hi-tech and craftsmanship, unexpectedly.
Poetry and values unfold in richly sensorial artifacts.
Veive couture strives for excellence and beauty, sought in nature and its extreme phenomena. 


The brand fuses design and technical expertise of an international team and aims at realizing objects able to boast excellent realization quality and outstanding aesthetic features. We produce by means of rapid manufacturing techniques, especially those that are not yet completely explored. The design of our lines uses the possibilities of such techniques, to realize objects that would be difficult or impossible to produce with established manufacturing techniques. Next to rapid manufactured elements, we associate elements that are hand-made, using traditional crafts. We use our network of craftsmen to explore unexpected combinations and applications of old materials and traditional skills. The description of the production techniques is communicated in the packaging of the products. The products are meant to last a lifetime and to acquire more value over time, in opposition to the decadent disposing attitude that still rules the market. mood board with veive values